At TECOM INGREDIENTS, we focus our commitment to quality on the service we provide to our clients, and the products that we market.

Since 2004, TECOM INGREDIENTS has implemented a quality system in compliance with the ISO 9001:2001 regulation,which is continually updated to adapt to possible changes. The system is enforced with the aim of obtaining clearly defined and controlled working processes in order to guarantee the quality of our service and of the products that we market.

Furthermore, to complement this quality control and management, we have introduced the APPCC system (Analysis and Control of Critical Points) in order to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained at all times, guaranteeing our clients the highest quality in every stage of our processes.


Our suppliers are leading manufacturers in the food ingredient and additive industry, which enables us at TECOM INGREDIENTS to provide our clients with optimum solutions to meet their needs with exceptional quality, and to comply with all their requirements in the obtaining of any type of certificate (Halal, Kosher, Health, etc). We can also provide certification for ecological products.


At TECOM INGREDIENTS, we are fully committed to the protection of the environment, for which we have implemented recycling and waste reduction measures, in strict compliance with current environmental regulations.

Sustainability is an extremely important value for our company. We currently already market products in accordance with the RSPO.