Foaming agents
and powdered fats

General Foods

Foaming agents and powdered fats

Our range of foaming and whipping agents, creamers and powdered fats.

We also have solutions for vegan applications such as non-dairy creamers and natural aromas.

  • Toppings and foaming ingredients for powdered desserts and pastry preparations.
  • Foaming agents and non-dairy creamers (whiteners) for cappuccino and vending products.
  • Powdered fats, (80%) hydrogenated and refined from coconut, sunflower, palm, soybean and olive oil
  • Nutritional powdered fats: omega-3 and MCT’s


  • Milk powder with vegetable fat 26%
  • Caramelized milk powder (roller).
  • Coconut milk powder.
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