and flavours

General Foods

Aromas and flavours

Full range of effective solutions for the creation of aromas and seasonings such as enhancers and flavour donors.

We focus our proposal on clean label ingredients and innovative ingredients to create tasty products.

  • Complete range of vegetable protein hydrolysates (HVP), acid hydrolysis and enzymatic.
  • Aromas of transformation with different aromatic profiles, beef, chicken, pork, roasted, boiled and others.
  • Yeast extracts, flavor donors, flavor enhancers (high nucleotide content), powder and paste.
  • Mushroom extract powder as umami flavor enhancer with neutral profile.
  • Yeast extract 35% IMP+GMP.
  • Smoke powder for snacks
  • Concentrated broths in paste and powder.
  • Spice extract: flavour enhancer and HVP substitute.
  • Natural aromas of cheese and dairy EMC and EMD.
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