Fibers, thickeners
and stabilizers

Meats & Ready Meals

Fibers, thickeners and stabilizers

Full range of functional, soluble and insoluble fibers to provide texture, water retention and emulsion.

Psyllium fiber (plantago ovata) with great functionality for gluten substitution, free of allergens and available in conventional and organic quality.

  • Insoluble Fibers
    • – Bamboo
    • – Wheat
    • – Sugarcane
    • – Internal pea
    • – Potato
    • – Cellulose
  • Soluble Fiber
    • Citrus fibers highly functional: gelification, emulsion and water retention. Clean label.
    • Psyllium (plantago ovata) of great purity, neutral color and with high water retention. In conventional and organic quality.
  • Pork and fish gelatin
  • VeggieFox: complete texturing system for fresh vegan and vegetarian products (burgers, sausages, nuggets)
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