To achieve an optimal intestinal function, a consumption of between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day is recommended. This intake should include both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Soluble fiber incorporates water and turns into a gel during digestion. This water absorption makes the  digestive process slower. This type of fiber is found in oat bran, barley, Psyllium, etc. Some types of soluble fiber can also help to decrease the risk of heart disease, reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Insoluble fiber is found in foods such as wheat bran, vegetables and whole grains. This type of fiber adds volume to the stool and helps food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines.

At TECOM INGREDIENTS we offer all kinds of fibers, many of them also available in organic quality.

  • Apple fiber
  • Arabic gum
  • Aronia fiber
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Beet root fiber
  • Buckwheat fiber
  • Cellulose
  • Cocoa fiber
  • Inulin
  • Oat fiber
  • Pea fiber
  • Plantago Ovata (psyllium)
  • Wheat fiber


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