Grown for centuries in Paraguay and Brazil, the stevia rebaudiana plant was discovered by scientists to naturally possess over 60 different steviol glycosides, ingredients with 200-400 times the sweetness of table sugar. Today, it is used around the world to sweeten an increasing variety of our foods and beverages.

Some features about Stevia:

  • Plant-based 100% natural sweetener extracted from leaves of stevia rebaudiana
  • Zero calorie sugar substitute
  • Potency of 200-400 times the sweetness of sugar
  • Approved by regulatory bodies and food safety experts worldwide and in all major markets including US, Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, and many more

At TECOM INGREDIENTS we are strongly promoting Stevia since the first introduction of this product in Europe. We represent the company ZHUCHENG HAOTIAN PHARM CO., LTD., the number 1 manufacturer in the world of this product, and whose trademark is SoPureTM.

Historically, stevia-based products have been evolving and improving by increasing the percentage of Reb A. The new generation of stevia is based on the sweetening power of  Reb A combined with balancing its aftertaste by combining it with other rebaudiosides present in the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana (Reb A, Reb C, Reb D, Reb M).

TECOM INGREDIENTS, offers the classic products based on Rebaudioside A, as well as new formulations blending different rebaudiosides, that provide an improved taste profile and have been developed specifically for key applications (flavours, drinks, chocolate, etc …).


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